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Generally, site plan approval is required for all new non-residential development and expansions that enlarge the building footprint by more than 25%. Site plans will be reviewed for conformance with all zoning, subdivision and development regulations of the City.

The applicant is strongly encouraged to attend a pre-application meeting for the project prior to submittal of a site plan application.


The applicant shall submit the following information to begin the site plan review process. Each and every item is considered an essential part of the site plan application and is necessary to ensure a proper review of the proposed development. Once submitted, the application will be reviewed for completeness. If the application is incomplete, the applicant will be notified. Applications that remain incomplete 45 days after the date of submittal shall expire. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

A complete site plan application , consisting of the following documents, shall be submitted to the Planning Division Office. Please staple and fold each plan set.

  1. A completed "Application for Site Plan Review," which includes a site plan, landscape plan , irrigation plan (including a tree survey/mitigation plan, as applicable), and building elevations
  2. A completed "Site Plan Checklist"
  3. A filing fee of $500


Once a complete application is received, the Case Manager from the Planning Division will circulate the site plan to other departments of the City for review and comment.

Comments from the review may require additional information or the revision of the site plan and associated drawings. The Case Manager will compile, reconcile and submit the review comments to the applicant.


The applicant shall make any corrections or changes to the site plan and return it to the Planning Division. The following items shall be submitted with the revised site plan:

  1. Four copies of the revised site plan, landscape plan, and architectural elevations.
  2. Site plan revision letter stating how the staff comments were addressed and identify any other changes made to the plans.

The Case Manager will review the resubmission for compliance with the comments made during the review. When complete, the Planning Director will approve the site plan. At that point, Engineering Plans may be submitted to the City Engineer’s Office. A copy of the Site Plan stamped “Approved” must be integrated into the Engineering Plan submittal.