Register for MTED Services

Customers may obtain registration forms at the MTED dispatch office, from the City of Mesquite website, via mail, or via fax. All customers must register with the MTED dispatch office before being transported. Eligibility does not expire for permanently-disabled Mesquite residents. Customers must purchase an MTED identification card for $2.00. 

Visitors and Temporarily Disabled
Mobility impaired visitors to the city as well as temporarily-disabled individuals are welcome to ride but must also be registered. Temporarily-disabled customers’ status is determined through the same eligibility process as permanently-disabled customers, but eligibility is limited to a specific period of time. This eligibility period can be adjusted depending on circumstances. Visitors may present a valid paratransit identification card from another public transportation service, if available, as proof of disability. Otherwise, visitors must complete the regular registration process.