West Nile Virus & Mosquitos

The City of Mesquite has started its Integrated Mosquito Management Plan. The City of Mesquite Health Division will continue our mosquito control program of larvicide, surveillance, adulticide and public education. Prevention is the best defense against the West Nile Virus. Mesquite residents are reminded to enjoy the outdoors, and remember the four D’s: 

  • Dusk and dawn are the times of day you should try to stay indoors. This is when infected mosquitoes are most active.
  • Dress in long sleeves and pants when you’re outside. For extra protection, you may want to spray thin clothing with repellent.
  • DEET is an ingredient to look for in your insect repellent. Follow label instructions, and always wear repellent when outdoors.
  • Drain standing water in your yard and neighborhood where mosquitoes can breed. This includes old tires, flowerpots, clogged rain gutters, etc. Mosquitoes may develop in any water stagnant for more than three or four days.

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