City Construction Projects

City Construction Projects
Public Works Construction Inspectors oversee the construction of streets, alleys, water mains, sanitary sewer mains, drainage systems and city-owned facilities. This page provides information about current construction projects that are in progress or future development. All construction start dates are estimated.

Transportation Projects

Quiet Zone Implementation

  • Scope – The project is for the creation of a Quiet Zone from Gross Road to Municipal Service Center Road at-grade crossings.
  • Current Status – The City has constructed all required features and submitted the necessary requirements to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).
  • Schedule – The quiet zone is anticipated to become effective on August 1.

Screening Wall Replacement (2015)

  • Scope – The project is for the replacement of existing screening wall in three (3) locations.
  • Current Status – Project is currently underway and is approximately 70% complete.

  • Schedule – Project is on schedule to be completed by September of 2015

Town East Blvd (Military Pkwy to Skyline)

  • Scope – This project will be a total reconstruction of Town East Blvd from Skyline Drive to Military Parkway. The reconstructed road will be a four–lane divided arterial with two vehicle lanes in each direction separated by a depressed/bioswale median with concrete curb and gutter.
  • Current Status – Design is 60% complete. 
  • Schedule – Project is on schedule to begin construction in the spring of 2016.

Gus Thomasson Road (US80 to Town East Boulevard)   

  • Scope – This project is for the total reconstruction of Gus Thomasson Road within the existing 100’ right-of-way from US 80 to Town East Boulevard. The project will be constructed in phases and will include a six-lane divided roadway with sidewalks on both sides of the roadway.
  • Current Status – Preliminary plans are presently at 30%.
  • Schedule – The preliminary alignment plans will be completed after the City Council policy retreat this fall and will include City Council and citizen input.

LaPrada Drive (IH635 to Motley) 

  • Scope – This project is for the reconstruction of LaPrada Drive in conjunction with installation of a large diameter water transmission main.
  • Current Status – Preliminary design plans are at 5%. Schematic street alignments are being evaluated along with other street design elements such as intersection improvements.
  • Schedule – Preliminary design is scheduled to be complete in spring of 2016. As part if the preliminary design, there will be both City Council and citizen input.

Mesquite Heritage Trail, Phase 2

  • Scope – This segment of trail is along the south side of Towne Centre Drive from IH 635 to South Mesquite Creek; then south along the west bank of South Mesquite Creek to US80; then under US80 to the trailhead just north of AMC theater.
  • Current Status – Plans are at 60%. This is a Joint City of Mesquite / Dallas County Project. The City is managing design and ROW acquisition. The County will manage the bidding and construction phases.
  • Schedule – Construction is estimated to begin in spring of 2016.

Orphan Sidewalks & US80 at Franklin Drive Intersection Improvements    

  • Scope – This 4B Funded Project is to install sidewalks where gaps in sidewalks connectivity exist for four sidewalk segments in total. The project will also reconstruct and provide aesthetic enhancements to the intersection of the US80 Westbound Service Road at Franklin Drive.
  • Current Status – Project is under construction. 
  • Schedule – Construction began in June and is scheduled to be complete in fall of 2015.

TXDOT-IH635 to US80 Service Road Extension and Ramp Reconfiguration           

  • Scope – This project is for the construction of a service road along the east side of IH 635 from Gross Road/Ridgeview to connect to the existing dead-end US80 service road and also includes ramp modifications.
  • Current Status – Plans are at 95%. This project is being managed by TXDOT and will require a City utility relocation contract due to shifting in south ROW line. The City has initiated the design of the utility relocation work.
  • Schedule – Construction is estimated to begin in fall of 2016.

Alley Reconstruction and Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project (Six Alleys)

  • Scope – This project includes the reconstruction of approximately 8,200 square yards of reinforced concrete alley paving along with other associated improvements, including approximately 4,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer replacement by pipe bursting.
  • Current Status – Project is under construction.
  • Schedule – Construction began in late January and is scheduled to be complete in fall of 2015. This project includes the following alleys:

Retro-reflectivity Program

  • Scope – This project includes the change out of existing traffic signs to meet current reflectivity standards.
  • Current Status – The project is in its second year and crews are 100% complete with the 2015 installations.
  • Schedule – Crews have completed the 2015 installations.

Flashing Yellow Arrow Project

  • Scope – The project is for the installation of flashing yellow arrows at turn signals that allow for vehicles to make left turns without the need to wait through the cycle.
  • Current Status – Presently at 80% completion for the 2015 locations.
  • Schedule – Placement is ongoing and is slated to be completed by fall of 2015.

Parks and Recreation Projects

Beasley Park

  • Scope – This project will provide a new 48-space concrete parking lot, a new 3-panel practice backstop, a new clay infield, and a new irrigation system covering the ball-field and open space area from the new parking lot to MISD’s football field fence.
  • Current Status – Construction is approximately 75% complete.
  • Schedule – Construction is expected to completed by the end of August.

Miscellaneous Trails Project

  • Scope – There are 4 sites where the existing concrete trails will be demolished and new concrete trails will be constructed. Drainage improvements are included in the scope of work to assure the new trails will not be destroyed due to erosion.
  • Current Status –  A Notice to Proceed was issued on July 16th.
  • Schedule – The Construction will take approximately 90 calendar days to complete, barring extensive bad weather.

Rutherford Recreation Center Renovations

  • Scope – This project is primarily for renovating the interior of the Recreation Center which includes replacing the flooring throughout the center, replacing the cabinetry and counter-tops, installing new basketball backboards in the gym, painting and repairing walls and removing the patio feature on the exterior of the building.  In addition, the restrooms will be updated for ADA accessibility; the fitness room will be relocated and expanded allowing for more varied equipment to be placed at the center.
  • Current Status – All of the demolition work is complete. The renovation work is approximately 99% complete.
  • Schedule – The project will be finished late August.
Water and Sewer Projects

Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement, Phase 6 & Water Main Replacement Phase 7

  • Scope – The area boundaries for this project are Kearney Street, North Galloway Avenue, Gross Road/IH 635 and US 80. This project is a continuation of annual sanitary sewer and waterline improvements.
  • Current Status – Project is under construction.
  • Schedule – Construction began in August of 2015 and is slated to end in January of 2017.
South Mesquite Creek 48" RCP by CIPP Phase 1

  • Scope – Rehabilitation of the South Mesquite Creek 48" Sanitary Sewer line from WWTP to 1,600' south of Lawson Road by CIPP (Cure In Place Pipe)
  • Current Status – Plans are at 60%
  • Schedule – Construction is slated to begin in September of 2015 and end in January of 2016.