Electronics Recycling

Mesquite Convenience Center
Mesquite residents may drop off televisions, computers, and other electronics at the city's Convenience Center located at 3550 Lawson Road. The Convenience Center is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is closed on Wednesdays, Sundays, and holidays. This service is provided free to all Mesquite residents to prevent televisions and computers from going to the landfill or illegal dump sites.

Best Buy RecycleBest Buy
Best Buy also provide e-waste recycling at all of its stores, nationwide. For more information, please see the Best Buy Recycle FAQ's. Best Buy in Mesquite is located at:
2701 N Mesquite Dr.
Mesquite, TX 75150

GoodwillGoodwill Industries
Goodwill Industries and Dell Computers have partnered to create Reconnect, a free program for consumers to reuse and responsibly recycle unwanted electronics. It's easy and it's free. Simply bring in your computer equipment to your local Goodwill store. Proceeds from resale value of donations will be returned to Goodwill Industries to support their mission of creating job opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment. Visit the Reconnect website for more information.

Mesquite Recycles Day
The City of Mesquite and Keep Mesquite Beautiful hosts two recycling events per year (May and November) where residents may drop off electronic waste. For more information regarding those events, call 972-329-8300 or visit the Keep Mesquite Beautiful website

Computer Recycling & Manufacturer Take-Back Law
Used computer equipment is a rapidly growing source of waste in Texas and across the country. Starting in September 2008, Texas consumers were provided new options to have their used computer equipment collected and recycled for free. HB 2714 requires computer manufacturers selling in the state to establish free and convenient programs to collect and recycle their own brand of desktops, laptops and monitors sold to consumers.

It also requires retailers selling computer equipment to sell only the products of those manufacturers who develop such recycling programs and file their recovery plans with the State of Texas. Here are some of the highlights of the law:
"Each manufacturer is responsible only for its own brand(s) of computer equipment. The rules define computer equipment as: a monitor, a desktop computer or laptop, and an accompanying keyboard and mouse made by the same manufacturer. Manufacturers are required to offer collection and recycling only for computer equipment purchased primarily for personal or home-business use, regardless of when it was sold, not just computer equipment purchased after September 1, 2008.Consumers are responsible for any confidential information left on the computer equipment.

Retailers are not permitted to sell any new computer equipment from a manufacturer unless the manufacturer appears on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) list of manufacturers that have submitted a recovery plan and notification of a compliant collection program to the TCEQ. The list is updated regularly by TCEQ as new information is received from manufacturers. The list is available on the TCEQ website."

Consumers should contact the retailer where the equipment was purchased or the manufacturer for their computer equipment for information about their recycling options. For more information and other recycling options please visit the Texas Takeback website