Talkin' Turf with Travis

The month of March is one of the most important months of the year to get your landscape and turfgrass ready for the long hot summers in Texas. Fertilizer plays an important role in any turfgrass and landscape maintenance program. The first application should be applied when your yard is starting to turn green in late March. The following are the recommended fertilization rates for this first application:
Hybrid or Common Bermuda grass: 15-5-10 (NPK) (Slow Release)
St. Augustine: 20-5-10 (NPK) (Slow Release)
Shrubs/Groundcovers: 13-13-13 (NPK) (Slow Release)
Flowering Shrubs: 15-25-10 (NPK) (Slow Release)

At the City of Mesquite we apply approximately 1.25 pounds of Nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of turfgrass. For the fertilizer ratios listed above here are the recommended pounds of fertilizer needed per 1,000 square feet of yard:
(15-5-10) 6.67 pounds of actual fertilizer per 1,000 square feet
(20-5-10) 5.0 pounds of actual fertilizer per 1,000 square feet

Fertilizer should be applied in March, June, July and October. This applies Nitrogen at a rate of 5 pounds per 1,000 square feet for the entire year, which falls in the recommended rate of 4-6 pounds of Nitrogen per year on most turfgrass species.

Remember, do not over apply the fertilizer as this can cause turfgrass disease, excessive growth and/or clippings and can pollute ground water with excessive water runoff.

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