My Mesquite Texas

Residents and business owners find Mesquite a great place to call home. With its outstanding schools and a number of attractive cultural, retail and entertainment options, the City of Mesquite is known for its brand: Real. Texas. Flavor.

Project Renewal is the name given to the City’s long-range plan to transform, rebuild and re-invent itself for the future. As it evolves, Project Renewal will provide noticeable changes for the better - changes that will improve both the quality of life for our residents, and our city’s image and positioning in the marketplace for years to come.

Mesquite's award-winning marketing campaign is helping to communicate the Real. Texas. Flavor. brand and all the accomplishments enjoyed through the efforts of Project Renewal. Below are the most recent billboards used as one part of an integrated marketing communications approach to tell the story of Real. Texas. Flavor. Click on each image to learn more.
Real Texas Music-Summer 2015-6x2
Real Texas Recreation-Summer 2015-6x2