Community Development

The Community Development Department works on behalf of the people of Mesquite to plan for the future and to carry out the development policies and objectives set by the Mayor, the City Council and various municipal boards and agencies.  The Community Development Department is comprised of the following divisions: Planning & Zoning, Building Inspection, Environmental Code, Licensing & Compliance, Historic Preservation, and Neighborhood Development. 

The City of Mesquite Community Development Department is dedicated to providing citizens with courteous, efficient customer service. For specific planning, building, and property maintenance and licensing needs, please refer to the appropriate division subpage.

Community Development Divisions:

  1. Planning & Zoning

    Assists policy makers, property owners, developers & citizens in regard to growth, new development, and rehabs/building modifications.

  2. Building Inspection

    Performs ordinance enforcement in the areas of both residential and commercial construction. Learn more about the Building Inspection Department here.

  3. Code Enforcement

    Information on violations to code, nuisance, parking, and zoning.

  4. Licensing & Compliance

    Information on establishment rules, fees schedules, scores, cards, and more.

  5. Historic Preservation

  6. Neighborhood Development

    Discover how we grow and improve our neighborhoods.